PROFESSIONAL photographer. I perform work of any complexity and subject matter. I work with microstocks as well as with individual customers anywhere in the world.

Do you need exclusive advertising photos? We will give them to you! The highest level of work is guaranteed by the best team of specialists which ensures continuous mechanism coordinated process: from the selection of models to the finished high-quality, exclusive product. The equipment of the highest quality in the world by "Hasselblad" and high performance of the photographic studio can solve a problem of any complexity.

Briefly is a list of questions which helps to understand what you need from the photographer. In the first phase of the project the photographer does not have any information about your company or products. It will save time, allows both the client and the photographer to understand clearly the project goals and to avoid mistakes. A well-drawn up requirements specification is a half of a project a standard on advertising (a creative brief):


- A person responsible for the project (Name, e-mail): The desired start of the project (date and time): the required end date of the project (date and time): A range of an application of products an advertising campaign, an application on television and in the Internet, banner print, a placement on the production, brochures, catalogs, etc. The official name of the client company.


-If the company has a development corporate identity - a description of it, with the application of existing models. Complete lists of client company’s details that are necessary in the Informational block (addresses, phone numbers, website and e-mail).

-What is the target audience of the client company (gender, age, marital status, lifestyle, education, income, region, etc.) The main orientation of advertising photography the target audience have to understand from it, what conclusions it should do. Try to make guidelines and put accents for a photographer. Desired style of pictures (beauty, fashion, business, lifestyle, etc.) What do we want to achieve by this advertising (to draw attention, to point out the advantages, to report news, to encourage the purchase, to maintain the brand essence); the concept of photography the impression we want to leave.


-Requirements for color scheme of photos (contrasting combinations or soft, pastel colors.) The style of advertising (rational, emotional, serious and humorous) how many models are presented on camera? Is this a full-length shooting or a half-length one? Model Description: a boy, a girl, blonde, brunet Suggestions for costumes and sets (rigorous, business, casual, erotic, bright) Emotions of a model: surprise, joy, shock, etc.

The presence of a product (service) on camera: What kinds of products a submit on camera, for further photo montage? What kind of text will follow a photo in the future output? Is the text approved finally or in general? If necessary we can send the available previously developed versions of the preliminary sketches of the future pictures, samples of the photo you like or photos of competitors' products for comparison. Requirements for retouching collage. Other requirements of the customer, a list of samples or ideas. The Format of finished files must be: (the quantity of megapixels) (the quantity of dpi), format: psd, tif, tiff, jpg, jpeg, png All other details are discussed personally with the photographer.

Recommendations for the customer when sending a work to the photographer: For all these items the customer can (and should) consult with the photographer, as it helps to avoid unnecessary expenses and can speed up the process There may be a limited number of corrections by the customer, in view of the fact that these corrections can lead to a complete alteration of work and they also may increase expenses and extension of the required time. Send your corrections by mail, on the photos in print with a pointer to the area of corrections. Do not send photos with hand lettering, they are difficult to work with. Prices for services are highly individual and should cussed personally. All depends on the complexity of the project, terms, time, etc. The response to your request will come within 24 hours (the time needed to analyze the information you provide; for the emergency order please contact Alex Buts directly skype - alexbuts123